Estimate your property

Do you want to know the value of your property?

Call on TRIVERIO Immobilier, a renowned player in the local real estate sector who will make you benefit from its expertise and its perfect knowledge of the market.

The real estate apraisal is made in writing and constitutes a real work of investigation, calculation and reflection on the part of your broker. It should not take into consideration your expectations, your financial or family situation. The real estate apraisal of the TRIVERIO agency is carried out in an impartial manner and does not enter into a prospect of commercial canvassing. Real estate apraisal should not please, it should inform.

Our real estate apraisals are always based on recent sales references whose criteria correspond to those of your property.

Our real estate apraisals are free as part of a sale project. For requests for real estate apraisal in the context of a donation or a declaration to the tax authorities, do not hesitate to contact us for our prices.

The TRIVERIO agency also offers a real estate expert appraisal service for all requests related to litigation situations. Rates and service details on request.

Our real estate apraisals are protected by professional secrecy and our confidentiality policy. They are carried out in all discretion and only at the request of the owner or his assigns in the context of an inheritance.

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